Founded in 2014 by Jason Koxvold and Todd Beeby, Gnomic is a creative collective based in Portland, OR. We help organisations express themselves strategically and succinctly, no matter what the audience or medium — from global brands and editorial publications to educational institutions, NGOs, and nonprofits. 

We’ve partnered with clients including Uber, The Lincoln Motor Company, Jim Beam, Emirates, LG, Puma, Stolichnaya, Umbro, Motorola, the United Nations, DuPont, Procter and Gamble, Goldman Sachs, Toyota, IAC, Kodak, CNET, HBO, and Wrigley. Along the way, we've had the privilege of judging the Emmys, the D&AD Awards, AICP Awards, the One Show Interactive Awards, and One Show Young Guns, and played a prominent role in shaping contemporary visual culture, from the United States to Asia. Our editorial clients include Time, Wired, the Financial Times Magazine, the British Journal of Photography, GQ, Esquire, Wallpaper*, and many more.

Hemmelig Rom (Secret Room), a 2014 collaboration with Studio Padron. We make objects and experiences that transcend boundaries.
We harbour a love of materiality, and draw on technologies new and old to shape our work.

Gnomic is proud to support the next generation of visual artists through our publishing arm, Gnomic Book, founded in 2016. All Gnomic Book projects are stocked at the Library of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as countless other institutions, schools, and bookshops. Gnomic Books have been shortlisted for three Aperture / Paris Photo awards, and two of our artists have received Guggenheim Fellowships.

Drawing on a deep network of industry connections made over the course of two decades, Gnomic is equally capable of leading large productions as we are building hand-crafted design experiences. We pride ourselves on recommending appropriate solutions for our clients, being respectful of budgets and business needs.

American Backyard (2019) by Eliot Ross and Genevieve Allison, featured original cartography by renowned architect Thomas Paturet.

Press + Books
2023 It’s Nice That
2023 C4 Journal
2023 The Brooklyn Rail
2023 British Journal of Photography
2022 The Washington Post
2022 Mondoweiss
2022 Lensculture
2022 Huck
2021 Lenscratch
2021 Dark Mirrors
2019 TIME Magazine
2019 The Heavy Collective
2019 Der Greif
2019 Fotoroom
2019 The New Yorker
2019 Il Globo
2019 Il Post
2019 British Journal of Photography
2018 In the In-Between
2018 Unseen Magazine
2018 Collector Daily
2018 Mother Jones
2018 P3 Magazine, Portugal
2017 Fotoroom
2017 Aperture
2017 Papersafe Magazine
2017 WIRED Japan
2017 Yahoo! News Japan
2017 Curbed Magazine
2017 The New Republic
2017 Upstate Diary
2017 Thisispaper Magazine
2017 Der Greif

2017 Prison Photography
2017 Maison Wertn
2017 The Huffington Post
2016 Architonic
2016 Dezeen
2016 Mashable
2016 Gestalten
2015 Aint-Bad Magazine
2015 Dwell Magazine
2015 WIRED
2015 Newsweek Japan
2015 National Geographic Traveler
2015 Slate Magazine
2012 The Great Leap Sideways
2012 Manifesto Magazine, China
2011 Brain, Tokyo
2010 Landscape Stories
2010 Contagious Magazine
2010 Urbanautica, Milan
2010 Selfmade Magazine
2010 It’s Nice That
2009 We’re Good Together
2009 Contagious Magazine
2009 IdN Magazine, Hong Kong
2009 Stunning Advertising, Spain
2007 Advertising Now!, Taschen
2006 RES Magazine
2006 Showreel 01, Germany
2005 EVA02 DVD, Italy
2000 Webworks: Advertising

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